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How It Works

How Our Advanced Wireless Technology Works

How It Works

Lightwave Wireless utilizes towers equipped with advanced wireless technologies to deliver high-speed Internet service to our customers.

How Do You Get Service?

Data is transmitted from our premium data center fiber optic network to one of our access points or towers. Data is then transmitted to the customer’s home (or business) via unlicensed or licensed wireless signals.

This method enables faster response time due to shorter distances and fewer paths between the data sender and receiver (a customer’s home or business).

“We’ve been looking for an internet provider in Pauma Valley with more speed, reliability and better customer service. Lightwave Wireless has proven to be all of these!”
Jack & Helen B.
Pauma Valley
“We’re thrilled with the service. A whole world has opened up for us. It’s four times the speed and much less money every month. And we can finally stream online movies!”
Jay S.
Base of Palomar Mountain
“Lightwave Wireless offers connectivity more than five times faster than two other companies we’ve tried. And for less money, too. We’re loving it!”
John J.
Valley Center Residents

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