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Get connected, stay connected

Internet Service @ Light Speed

Lightwave provides the lightning-fast speed, reliability, and connectivity you deserve.

get connected, stay connected

Residential Services

Lightwave Wireless provides a superior connectivity option for your home.

Get connected, stay connected

Business Internet @ Light Speed

Most advanced technology for businesses

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Lightwave Wireless provides a superior connectivity option for your home. With a small receiver mounted to the outside of your residence, we connect you wirelessly to our nearest tower. 

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High-speed Internet


1000mbps download,
1000mbps upload
Reliable high-speed Internet service for video conferencing, gaming, streaming, and small business, and more.

High-speed internet

Business Wireless

1000mbps download,
1000mbps upload
Whether for primary or back-up connections, LW uses advanced carrier grade technology with our redundant mesh network to keep you connected.

High-speed internet

Business Fiber

10gbps download,
10gbps upload
Whether your business is medium-sized or enterprise, our fiber optic connection will meet your needs.

Lightwave uses the highest quality wireless equipment, professionally installed at your home or business.


We offer connections you can count on for your business!

Great View Revenue Program

We offer a strategic partnership for investors looking to join a success-driven community!

Technology Partners

We partner with the lead provider of high-end wireless networking products!


We are always looking for talented, ambitious, and hard-working individuals to expand our team!

Lightwave Wireless offers the ideal solution for all of your connectivity needs!

I've had Lightwave Wireless for six or seven years now. Service has always been amazing! Years ago, I did have some issues, but lightwave fixed them with equipment upgrades and now the speed and service are even better. Customer service is always quick to respond whether via email or phone. What's even more amazing, is there's a technician within a mile of me. I had issues with a corroded Ethernet cable and Jacob came out late at night to get me going again.
Fred R.
We've been customers for almost 2 years now and have never had any issues with Lightwave Wireless at all. We have 2 lines of service. In that time we have never had an outage or service issues whatsoever. I recommended it to all my neighbors so my entire street are customers. Lightning-fast speeds that supports online gaming, Netflix, and of course Internet services. No issues downloading documents of any size either. Thanks to all the folks at Lightwave for the continued great service through the years.
Glenda D.
Valley Center
We live out a rural area and for the longest time had no internet connection. Then we heard about Lightwave and we finally have internet service at our property! We are very happy with our internet service. It has been simple and easy process. We have no complaints on the service. I am also glad to be supporting a small local company in Valley Center.
Irma S.

Lightwave Wireless is an Internet Service Provider You Can Trust